BREAKING: Multiple Deaths In Monster Truck Motor Show Horror

There have been three fatalities, including one child, and authorities fear the number will rise after a horrific monster truck accident at a motor show.

At least three people are dead after the accident

At least three people are dead after the accident

Witnesses watched in terrified horror as a stunt went disastrously wrong; a monster truck drove over five stationary cars as part of a demonstration, but then veered into the crowd, ploughing into helpless spectators.

As well as the two adults and one child who were killed in the accident, there were at least 15 other people who sustained injuries and it is feared the number of casualties is set to rise. Several ambulances have already been dispatched to local hospitals and the injured are still being dealt with at the scene.

Emergency services are on the scene in the city of Haaksbergen in the Netherlands; one eyewitness, Matthijs Holtrop told a Dutch broadcaster: “I see ten ambulances standing. The first phase of the emergency is still in full swing. I can imagine the number of casualties still rising.”

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