BREAKING: Manchester LOCKDOWN Just Days After Terror Attack – Screaming People Flee Scene

Police stormed a bus on Manchester’s Oxford Road and dragged a man away as screaming passengers ran to safety. Officers wearing bullet proof vests raided the bus on the bustling city centre street and began shouting at passengers to get off. A witness said a man was detained and police cordoned off the road.

At least a dozen emergency service vehicles were on the scene within minutes and drivers and pedestrians were stopped in their tracks. Supermarket worker Lauren Andrews, 21, was on the number 41 bus at the time and said: “I was on the bus to town, going to the memorial on Albert Square, when the bus stopped outside Subway.

“Suddenly, six or seven plain-clothed police officers got on, and the man who was sat next to me stood up and told people to leave. Two were wearing bullet proof vests. They arrested someone at the back of the bus. They surrounded him and I didn’t see what he looked like. They shouted for everyone to get off the bus. They then cordoned the road off … I was really scared. With everything that’s going on, anything like this makes you think it could be a lot worse.”

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