Prince Harry recently opened up about coping with the death of his mother, Princess Diana, revealing that revealed that he “nearly had a breakdown” while struggling to deal with his mother’s death. His interview was then followed by Prince William teaming up with Lady Gaga to talk about mental health, but now the duo have come under fire from Katie Hopkins, as she laid into the royal family for showing emotion.

The mum of three then went on to slam the family for trying to remove mental health stigmas by encouraging people to talk. “In public, I prefer to hold it together. I prefer to keep something of the stiff upper lip. If people ask me how I am I say ‘I’m great, thank you’ no matter what. Because our days are somehow better that way,” Katie said.

“I wish more people would decide to keep their emotions private for their family. I am sick of them being vomited up all over the place in an endless competition to see who can be the most traumatised.” Twitter was flooded with angry comments; “It is not a competition Katie. What they are doing is raising awareness of something which is still not widely spoken about! Grow up!” wrote one angry Twitter user.