BREAKING: Horrific Synagogue Stabbing – “I want to kill the Jew”

A policeman was forced to shoot and kill a man who went on a rampage in a synagogue earlier this morning.

Police have cordoned off the synagogue

Police have cordoned off the synagogue

The incident happened in a  prominent Brooklyn synagogue.  The attacker, armed with a knife attacked a worshipper, stabbing him in the head.

A New York City police officer ordered the suspect to drop the knife; however, the attacker dropped the knife, only to pick it up again and lunge at the officer, who shot him once in the torso.

The attacker later died, police have said.  The police also reported that the 23 year-old stabbing victim was in a serious but stable condition in a New York hospital.

According to local reports, the victim is an Israeli student; a witness reported his attacker said: “I want to kill the Jew,” as he launched his brutal assault.

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