BREAKING: Gemma Collins Quits The Jungle – Just Three Days Into “I’m A Celebrity…”

Gemma Collins, the TOWIE star who threatened to quit “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” if it did not get “easier,” has made good on her threat and left the jungle for good.

TOWIE star Gemma has quit

TOWIE star Gemma has quit

Ms Collins has not enjoyed jungle life; struggling to cope, she has complained about the food and about the state of her digestive system. Making frequent trips to the dunny, she has reported suffering from the “worst diarrhoea ever.”

In fact, Gemma even went so far as to self-diagnose a case of malaria.

Gemma is the first celebrity to leave the show; a spokesman for IACGMOOH said: “We’re sorry to see Gemma go but respect her decision and wish her well.”

Gemma’s departure – and the fall-out – will be shown tonight, on I’m A Celebrity… at 9pm on ITV.


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