BREAKING: Four Year-Old Killed In Devasting House Fire

A boy aged four was killed and his 10 year-old brother left severely injured after a fire at their home in Keighley, near Bradford.

Two boys were rescued from the devastating house fire

Two boys were rescued from the devastating house fire

Just after 2pm this afternoon, smoke was seen billowing from a house in Keighley, Bradford. The emergency services attended the blaze, which began in a rear bedroom in the family house. By the time the police were on the scene, both boys had been rescued from the property and were on their way to hospital

Both boys were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation; while the elder boy is now recovering, according to the West Yorkshire Police, the four year-old died as a result of his severe smoke injuries.

Chief investigating officer, Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, said: “Initial inquiries are under way with colleagues in the fire service to determine the cause of this fire and are at a very early stage. Clearly this has been a tragic incident in which a young child has lost his life and a full investigation will be carried out.”

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