BREAKING: Facebook And Instagram CRASH – World Spins Off Axis

There was grumbling on Twitter when people discovered Facebook was down; when people discovered that Instagram had crashed as well there was PANIC.

From doomsayers to commenters hinting that communications blackouts where the first sign of invasion, people did not know what to believe.

Avid FBers were left bereft

Avid FBers were left bereft

It is rumoured that some people made a cup of tea, others updated their Pinterest pins, while an unlucky few were forced to make conversation with other human beings.

Fortunately, though, those clever sciencey-geeky whizz-kids soon got things up and running again. ┬áThe population breathed a sigh of relief; people could watch videos of cats and inwardly wince at each other’s spelling and all was right with the world.

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