BREAKING: Driver Held For Attempted Murder After Mowing Down WPC Trying To Stop Car

A motorist has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder a police officer.


The female PC had been trying to block the path of the car, which witnesses said, accelerated and mounted the pavement when blocked by a squad car.

The incident happened outside Hammersmith police station and it is reported that the female officer was in plain clothes and was one of a number of officers who ran from the station to assist with the interception of the vehicle in Shepherds Bush Road at approximately 3.30pm.

The police officer was rushed to hospital to be treated for a broken leg and concussion and her condition is said to be stable.

A witness to the incident, 24 year-old Theresia Petersen said: “I can’t believe that just happened. A police car came behind us with his blue lights on. I drove my car over to make space and he came through trying to stop an orange car coming from the opposite direction up the road. The orange car then mounted the pavement to avoid the squad car blocking its path. Officers were running on foot from outside the police station to try and stop the car from getting away.

The police officer was taken to hospital

The police officer was taken to hospital

“This female police officer then ran out into the road to block his only exit and he literally mowed her down. She went up onto his bonnet, flew into the air and then smashed her head against my car. She then landed in the road and she had her hands and arms over her head but then I think she passed out. The driver of the orange car literally just ran her over. It was just horrific. I hope to God she’s ok.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police notified the London Ambulance Service of a plain clothed female police officer involved in collision with a car. The driver of the vehicle was stopped nearby. A 24-year-old man has been arrested for failing to stop and attempted murder. He is in custody pending further investigation.”

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