BREAKING: Death Of Sitcom And EastEnders Star Announced

Hywel Bennett has died at the age of 73. The Welsh actor was best known for his role in Shelley, which pulled in 18 million viewers a week at its peak.

Bennett’s biggest break came in the hugely popular sitcom Shelley which first ran between 1979 and 1984. Bennett took the title role as the forever-unemployed James Shelley. In the original series, Belinda Sinclair played his girlfriend Fran and Josephine Tewson starred as his landlady Edna Hawkins.

The hugely successful sitcom ran for ten series and a DVD box-set of the show is scheduled for release this November, proving the enduring appeal of the show. In 2003 Bennett returned the the small screen and joined EastEnders as notorious gangster Jack Dalton.

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