BREAKING: Cleaner’s Arms “Ripped Off” By Dogs At Massive Illegal Kennels

Surgeons are battling to save the woman's arms after the savage attack

Surgeons are battling to save the woman’s arms after the savage attack

Police are warning the public to be on their guard for loose dogs after a savage attack at an illegal kennels.

A 30 year-old woman is currently undergoing emergency surgery after she was attacked by Alsatians at a kennels in Great Amwell in Hertfordshire. She is believed to be a cleaner and she sustained multiple severe wounds to her arms and torso in the brutal attack.

A source said: “The victim has horrendous life-changing injuries. Her arms and torso were very badly damaged.”

The dogs were held in cramped cages at the kennels; as well as Alsations, the cages were rammed with nearly one hundred attack and guard dogs including bull mastiffs, Dobermans and pit bull terriers.

A local resident told reporters: “There were stables up there until a couple of years ago when they moved the cages and the dogs in. Complaints have been made to the police and RSPCA. I know animal rights people have not been very happy.”

Police dog handlers and trained firearms officers are on the scene at Warren Farm and police have arrested a 20 year old man from Edmonton and a 27 year old man from Buckinghamshire.

Warren Farm is thought to have been operating an illegal kennels

Warren Farm is thought to have been operating an illegal kennels

Police are warning the public to stay away from the area while they deal with the dogs. Anyone who sees a loose dog in the area should contact the police immediately. Local pathways to the farm have been blocked off.

Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald made a statement: “Officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding this serious incident and the scene remains closed at this time.

“A number of officers, including dog handlers and firearms officers are at the location as a precaution to ensure public and officer safety until we can fully understand what has happened. At this time we believe the scene is contained and that none of the dogs homed are currently on the loose, however we would ask members of the public to remain vigilant and avoid the area where possible until further notice. If you do see a loose dog in this part of the county please call the police straight away.”

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