BREAKING: Charlie Gard’s Parents Make Announcement Outside Great Ormond Street Hospital

Determined Charlie Gard’s parents have made an emotional announcement outside Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Handing a petition to the hospital begging them to allow him to travel to the US for potentially live-saving treatment, Connie Yates and Chris Gard vowed “if he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting”. His defiant parents thanked everyone those who have supported them during their long legal battle as they said the ten per cent chance of treatment working “is a chance worth taking”.

The emotional pair added: “He’s our flesh and blood, we feel it’s our right as parents to decide if we should give him a chance at life. There’s nothing to lose, he deserves a chance. He deserves this chance at last, and hopefully he’ll get it. We must need get Charlie the treatment he needs. If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting.”

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