BREAKING: Cable Car Crash Horror – Children Left Dangling Above River

Fire crews are desperately trying to rescue 100 passengers including children trapped in cable cars over the Rhine River in Cologne after a gondola crashed into a support pillar. Authorities say 32 of the cars were in operation when the smash happened – with many still stranded 40 metres above the water as the sun sets.

In one terrifying rescue from one car, a woman could be seen gripping on tight to her child while being lowered by ropes from one of the cable cars. Another young child was seen being lowered from another car by rope dangling underneath the car as they gripped onto to an older man. In another cable car, a man was seen reaching out of a car appearing to try and reach hold of another gondola.

As of 6.30pm local time (5.30pm UK time), a total of 43 people had been rescued as fire crews rushed to get everyone to safety before dark. The initial incident is aid to have involved gondola number 38 was reportedly caught on the left bank of the Rhine near a zoo, stopping the attraction. Reports said that one car collided with the pillar and the others were brought to a stop.

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