1prisonKnife-wielding inmates have ‘taken over’ Bedford Prison, detained prison officers and ransacked the site. Every wing of the prison has reportedly been opened by inmates who have begun rioting inside the Category B men’s facility and no officers are on site, according to a source inside the jail.

Prisoners armed with knives are roaming freely around the prison, which has 506 inmates, and three officers have been injured. Emergency services are on the scene and have been seen trying to enter the prison with medical supplies – it is believed the riot began when prisoners stole guards’ batons and lit several fires.

Police are believed to have just entered the prison in a bid to restore order after inmates on A Wing began rioting. Armed police are on the scene but waiting outside, according to a witness. According to a source inside the prison says the inmates are still out of their cells and one convict said: “The ******* gaff is going up tonight mate. They’re ******* themselves.”

A prisoner inside said: “It started off as a little joke about. But now every wing is open. Prisoners are walking around with knives and coshes. They’ve nicked mobile phones out of the office, everything’s been smashed. The police are outside and all the guards have left the prison.”