BREAKING: Armed Police Swoop On Center Parcs – Evacuated In Terror Scare

Hundreds of holidaymakers were evacuated from a Center Parcs holiday site over fears of a “suspect device”, police said. Guests rushed from the Village Square at the Elveden Forest park on Sunday evening.

Police said it received a call from a member of staff shortly after 8pm after a customer overheard someone mention a suspect device. Some families were left confused after being told to stay inside their accommodation. Guest Michelle Vahey said she had been enjoying a meal at Hucks restaurant when an “emergency evacuation” announcement was made.

Holidaymaker Millie Milton also tweeted: “Stuck in our lodges until further notice because of a ‘Suspicious package’ found at centre parks” One mum left in the dark was forced to asked for help on social media after her diabetic daughter was left without insulin. Officers were on the scene investigating, police said, adding that there was currently “no evidence to suggest there is a threat to the public”.

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