BREAKING: ALICE GROSS: Prime Suspect Found Dead

Police have announced that the prime suspect in the Alice Gross murder case has been found dead.


Police found the body of the 41 year-old Latvian builder today, close to where he was last seen in West London.

Murdererous Arnis Zalkalns was allowed into the UK despite his previous conviction for the murder of his wife. The killer had battered and stabbed her to death in March 1997 and had then buried her body in woodland in Latvia’s capital Riga.

The 41-year-old battered and stabbed his first wife Rudite to death in March 1997 before burying her body in remote woodland in the capital Riga.

Zalkalns served seven years in prison for the murder and once in the UK was arrested on suspicion of an indecent assault of a 14 year-old girl in London; however, he was never charged.

The body of 14 year-old Alice Gross was found in the River Brent in West London on Tuesday night.

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