BREAKING: 7 Year-Old Injured As Police Officer Accidentally Fires Gun

A seven year-old schoolgirl was injured when a Police Officer accidentally discharged his gun.

The girl was on a tour of Nottinghamshire Police headquarters when the accident occurred.

An investigation has been launched into the incident

An investigation has been launched into the incident

The gun was discharged accidentally, causing the girl to sustaing a “minor injury to her lip.”

An investigation has been launched and the incident referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Nottinghamshire’s Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Torr, made a statement: “We are conducting a thorough inquiry to determine exactly how this unfortunate incident happened and have also referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

“We have spoken to the parents who were visiting force headquarters with their children to explain what happened and have apologised for any distress caused.”

However, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said: “I’m shocked, concerned and alarmed at this serious incident. I have received assurances from the chief constable that it won’t happen again.”

The accident happened at approximately 12.15pm on Thursday of last week (30/11/14). A group of parents and children were been given a tour of Nottinghamshire Police’s Sherwood Lodge offices and were shown various specialist services, including traffic cars, police dogs and firearms.

The officer whose weapon it was has been removed from firearms duty pending the investigation’s outcome; he is still on active duty, however.

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