Brave Mum Speaks Out After Brutal Kidnap & Gang Rape By Immigrant Gang

A brave mum from Sunderland has spoken out giving up her right to anonymity following an alleged kidnap, gang rape, and brutal attack by six immigrants from Syria and Iraq.

Chelsey Wright alleges that her drink was spiked and that she was then attacked by six men. She reported to police that she was kidnapped, gang raped, and beaten in the early hours of 4th September 2016. The mum of three reported on social media that on a night out she became separated from her mum and friend and: “the next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with no memory of how I got there. Waking up in only my knickers next to a man I did not know.”

Chelsey claims she was able to escape after a struggle and managed to get to the safety of her uncle’s house, covered from head to toe in bruises, lumps and burns. The incident was reported to police and officers raided the bedsit the same day, arresting six immigrant men from Syria and Iraq. Police investigations are continuing and the men are on police bail.

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