Bradley Lowery’s Family Make Incredible Gesture To His Loyal Supporters

Hundreds of thousands of people pledged their support to Bradley Lowery and his family as he battled neuroblastoma. The six-year-old’s fight came to an end of Friday when he died peacefully in his parents’ arms. Now they have offered everyone an opportunity to say goodbye and pay their respects to their incredible man at this funeral this Friday.

They shared details on Facebook, alongside a heartfelt message. It explained: “Bradley’s funeral will be held on Friday 14th of July, starting 11:15 at St. Josephs R.C. Church, Coast Road, Blackhall colliery, TS27 4HW. This is open to everyone who would like to come and celebrate Bradley’s life and pay their respects to show him how much he was loved.

“Not everyone will fit in the church but they are having speakers for people to listen to the service outside and people can line the streets if they wish to do so … You can wear whatever you want for the funeral but the family and friends have chosen the theme ‘cancer has no colours’. So they are wearing football tops; it doesn’t matter what team or colour.”

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