Boy Who Woke Feeling Poorly Dies After Putting His Head Down On Breakfast Table

Schoolboy who woke up feeling unwell died suddenly after going down to the breakfast table where he put down his head to rest. The cause behind the sudden death of a 12-year-old boy, who was previously diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition, remains unknown.   In a statement to the court, Matthew’s father described the day of his death.

He said: “At 5am I was woken by Matthew who said who said he didn’t feel well … At around 6am I gave Matthew a bowl of Shreddies because he needed food before he took his medication and I sat opposite to supervise him. He had one spoonful of Shreddies and tried to take his tablets. He then put his head on the dining room table. In five minutes I told Matthew’s brother to give him a nudge but his brother said he didn’t look right and his lips were blue.

“He wasn’t breathing. I phoned an ambulance and did chest compressions but he didn’t respond and he didn’t breathe. He was immediately taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital but shortly after arriving there I was told nothing more could be done for him and he was gone. It has left us all very shocked and upset, we knew about his condition but we never considered this would happen to him. We miss him every day.”

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