Boy Who Went BLIND From Neglect Wrote “Help Me” On The Wall

A 12 year-old boy who was forced to live in a disgustingly-dirty and fly-infested house was so desperate he wrote “Help me” on the wall.

He suffered such appalling neglect that he went blind in one eye after a shocking eye condition went untreated.

Social workers were shocked and amazed by the dreadful conditions in which they found the boy and his two year-old sister.  The dirty kitchen had a fly-infestation and the bathroom was filthy – the bath was filled with cold, dirty water. One of the children’s bedrooms had been used as a lavatory, there were foetid soiled nappies on the stairs and both of the children’s mattresses were stained and had grown mould.

The 12 year-old boy's bedroom was filthy

The children’s parents, Gillian Hendry and Craig Dick, could not be bothered to take their son to doctor’s and hospital appointments; this meant that he became crippled by arthritis and had cataracts of such severity he went blind in one eye.

The bath was filled with cold, dirty water

When the social services called, the parents refused to let them into the house. The social services returned with the police and were so shocked by the living conditions the children had been subjected to that they took the children into care immediately. The boy has been rehomed with his natural father and his two year-old sister has been put up for adoption; they are both “doing well.”

The house was rife with an infestation of flies

Hendry was jailed at Teeside Crown Court for two years and six months and Dick for two years and two months.  A leaked report has claimed the boy was suffering neglect from as early as 2007, even though he was not rescued until August 2013.

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