Boy Suffers Horrific Injuries “When Cage Falls On Him” During Holiday Magic Show

A six-year-old boy suffered horrific injuries when a cage allegedly fell on his head during a Benidorm magic act. Logan Franklin’s head was cut open as the metal struck him in front of horrified children, his dad claims. He said they went to watch a children’s magic show on the second night of their two-week holiday when disaster struck.

Peter, 41, said: “They started bringing out all the equipment for the show. The next thing I know there was a noise and my partner shouted out and I turned to see this huge white cage had fallen on Logan. I ran over and lifted it off and his face and head was covered in blood.”

A fellow guest came and helped stem the blood and an ambulance was called and rushed him to the nearby private hospital where they stapled his head back together.  Peter added: “After the injury that was the end of all the activities really. He could easily have died, it’s just luck that he is still here. It was very heavy and should have been secured with kids around.”

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