Boy Armed With KNIFE Demands A “Go” On A Scooter In Town Invaded By Travellers

A little boy clutching a large knife demanded a ride on a teen’s scooter – in a town currently plagued by a group of travellers. The shirtless youngster brazenly walked up to a group of older boys in a park in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire, yelling “gimme a go” repeatedly while brandishing the blade.

The incident was filmed in the newly-built town which has been recently seen a group of travellers occupying playing fields. The group, which includes 20 to 30 vehicles, has been in the settlement since Thursday and have been issued with a formal deadline to leave.

The boy was witnessed swiping the knife through the air as he angrily clenched his fist and shouted the order at the group. He appeared to furiously try to threaten the group to let him have a go on the scooter but they refused. A member of the group said: “No go away, this is what you do, you come here and you just try to hurt everyone. P*** off, this is going to the feds by the way.”

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