Boy, 13, Got So Drunk On Vodka AT SCHOOL That He Had To Be Rushed To Hospital

A mother has released pictures of her son after he got so drunk on vodka at school that he collapsed. The 12-year-old went on a binge drinking session with classmates who had brought the alcohol into school. He was discovered by his mother, slumped in their garden in Taunton, Somerset.

Doctors said that the level of alcohol in his blood was two and a half times the legal limit for driving. He was rushed to Exeter hospital where his mother took the pictures to warn other parents about the dangers of peer pressure. The mother said: “After being a parent for almost 13 years this is the worst 24 hours I have ever faced. Finding [him] collapsed in my front garden yesterday after school I instantly knew something was not right.

“According to him he was just tired! Having got him in the house his condition deteriorated rapidly. Unable to string a sentence together, slurring his words and very soon vomiting profusely. Having to see my son like that was awful … We have now found out from investigations at the school that over the course of three days [that he] had been downing shots of vodka that the ‘popular’ boys were bringing into school in Coke bottles.”

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