Blood-Curdling Suicide As Man Decapitates Himself With A Lamp Post

Emergency services were left reeling as they attempted to deal with the horrific aftermath of a dreadful suicide.

A man ended his life by tying his own head to a lamp post and then driving off at speed in his Honda Pilot. The 51 year-old man used a chain, attaching one end to the lamp post and then tying the other end round his neck.

Police described the suicide as "particularly gruesome"

Police described the suicide as “particularly gruesome”

When he hit the accelerator, the car shot forward, tearing his head from his body and leaving the car to continue down the street before it crashed into parked cars further down the street. As the car finally came to a halt, the headless corpse was thrown from the Honda onto the street.

At first the shocked passers-by in New York’s Bronx district thought they had witnessed a dreadful accident. However, the police realised they were dealing with a suicide. A source in the NYPD said that they had been reviewing CCTV footage, and said: “It was particularly gruesome. He made sure he would be successful.”

Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the death, which happened at approximately 9.30pm on Monday evening.

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