Birmingham Put On LOCKDOWN After Bomb Threat – Suspicious Packages Discovered

Armed police swarmed a bus and parts of Birmingham city centre were sealed off after police received bomb threats. An eyewitness said the suspect threatened to “detonate” something. Two suspicious packages were located by officers.

A nearby park was closed off and witnesses describe being locked in shops while police dealt with the incident. Eyewitness Jon Dudley said: “There were armed police. Buses were left in the middle of the street with police tape around the area … A lady next to me said she was on the bus and an older man said he was going to detonate something. She seemed pretty shook up. I saw a man be taken off the bus and put in a police van.”

A 51-year-old has been arrested after the drama. A Pokemon GO event was being held in the grounds of St Philip’s Cathedral – known locally as Pigeon’s Park. Children and their parents had to be cleared out of the park as police tackled the man.

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