Biggest-Ever Baby Bump? 55-Inch Pregnancy Tummy That Was Too Big For Maternity Clothes

Lara Carpenter-Beck was delighted when she found out she was expecting her first child, however, her diabetes meant that she experienced a rapid and increased weight gain.

Lara Carpenter-Beck's baby bump was a whopping 55 inches

Lara Carpenter-Beck’s baby bump was a whopping 55 inches

Lara’s weight increased by six stone and nine pounds and her 55 inch-tummy was too big for maternity wear, meaning instead she resorted to wearing size 22 clothes. However, in little more than a year since baby Savannah was born, Lara is crediting a healthy diet and a busy life being a mum with her weight loss.

Savannah already weighed 6lbs at 32 weeks’ gestation and was already the size of some full-term babies; and Lara’s bump continued to grow until her waters broke four weeks later and she underwent an emergency Caesarean section and was safely delivered of baby Savannah, who came into the world weighing 9lbs 5oz.

Delighted Lara said: “Chris [Lara’s partner] and I always assumed we were having a boy because my bump was so big, so it was a massive surprise to find out we had a girl. She was a big baby and filled the weighing scales. We were so happy she was healthy though, we could cope with the fact she was a bit bigger than most newborns.”

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