Benefits Mum-Of-Eight Marie Buchan Buys HORSE To Help Her Depression

A controversial Birmingham mum-of-eight on benefits has bought a horse which she claims will help her in a battle to beat depression. Marie Buchan has stumped up £200 for the six-month-old Welsh colt called Bobby, who will need feeding and stabling.

Her agent Barry Tomes said Marie, who receives £26,000 per year in benefits, was on medication for depression but buying a horse would improve her well being. He said: “Purchasing this horse may infuriate some people. But what Marie needs is open space and a change of scene to help her bouts of depression. She needs to be out in the fresh air and open spaces will do her good her good.”

The 35-year-old, from Selly Oak , previously told the Birmingham Mail: “It is my dream to own a horse and I am going to.” She provoked outrage when she appeared on This Morning saying life was better on benefits and she would spend her wages on a boob job. Marie, who says she can’t work at the moment due to depression, has the £600 per month rent on her four bedroom council house paid for by taxpayers.

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