Ben Fogle’s Anguish – Reveals Wife Almost Died Giving Birth To Their Stillborn Son: “So Terrifying”

TV star and adventurer, Ben Fogle, has been making some painful revelations about his wife.

Ben Fogle with wife Marina and children Ludo and Iona

Ben Fogle with wife Marina and children Ludo and Iona

Ben and his wife Marina were devastated when their third child died before he was born. The couple have a son and a daughter together and were expecting their third child, another boy, earlier this year. Tragically, as well as the death of their child, Ben has opened up to reveal that Marina almost died during delivery.

Describing the moment as “terrifying,” Ben says that “The thought of life without her was unbearable. I think we all assume that everything is going to be straightforward and will just go ahead as normal, but it was a huge shock in every sense.

“And actually the bigger thing, which I haven’t really spoken about, is I very nearly lost my wife. She very, very nearly died. For her to have come within 20 minutes of dying was a huge bolt for me and was so terrifying I can’t even explain it.”

Ben is now careful to treasure every moment he spends with his wife and children Ludo and Iona: “You have to never forget to say: ‘I love you,’ every single day. Never forget to smile and be happy and seize opportunities. Too many people in life take one another for granted.”

Ben has raced to the South Pole and rowed across the Atlantic, as well as being marooned on a Scottish island for a year for the TV programme Castaway in 2000.

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