Barcelona Terror Attack: “I Saw A Woman Screaming For Her Kids”

A witness of the attack in Barcelona’s historic tourist district have spoken his terrifying experience. Aymar Anwar, a lawyer attending a conference, was walking down Las Ramblas when the attack happened. He said the street was the busiest area of Barcelona and was “jam-packed” with tourists at the time.

“All of a sudden I heard a crashing noise and the whole street just started to run screaming,” he said. “I saw a woman next to me screaming for her kids. Literally within 30 seconds, police vans, ambulances, police officers with guns were piling out, and we were sectioned off and then being pushed rapidly back. Everybody’s just panic mode.”

“Van upon van of police officers” arrived at the scene, he said, adding: “They have quite clearly unfortunately had to plan for something like this.” The death toll now stands at 13, with many more critically injured.

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