Baby Girl Bakes To Death In Hot Car After Mum’s Boyfriend Part-Exchanged It

A baby girl baked to death in a hot car left behind at a dealership after her mum’s boyfriend bought a new vehicle. Kyrae Vineyard, aged five months, died in the back seat after spending more than four hours in searing sunshine before the alarm was raised.

Her mum’s partner Haven Hackworth, 24, parked up at the dealership and left the girl alone as he test drove a car, went through all the paperwork and drove off in the new vehicle, court documents claim. Police allege he was “really excited” to get a new vehicle and left Kyrae in the old car taken in part exchange.

Hackworth did eventually realise that the girl was still in the car and in a panic phoned the car salesman, but by then it was too late, it was claimed. A research meteorologist told police that the temperature inside the car could have been nearly 50C with the windows rolled up. Hackworth was arrested this week on a felony charge of involuntary manslaughter.

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