Baby Found In Tesco Bag And Dumped On Country Lane – May Have Been Dead For 11 Days

A baby girl whose body was found stuffed into a Tesco bag was mistaken for a bag of rubbish.

However, now police believe that the little baby may have lain abandoned in the country lane for 11 days and despite their best efforts, they have been unable to trace her parents.

The baby's body was dumped on this lane

The baby’s body was dumped on this lane

The baby girl she was found on Ox Hey Lane in Lostock, Bolton, last year, wrapped in a white shirt and black jogging trousers. The Tesco bag had been placed inside a JD Sports bag and to all intents and purposes looked like a discarded bag of rubbish. The discovery that the bag contained a body was made by a couple out walking their dog in March last year. It believed she was not still-born and lived for a few hours; her placenta and umbilical cord were still attached.

Apart from the clothing, the only clue was a handwritten note that read “Please, please bury him Islamic way, please.” This has led detectives to name the little girl Alia, which means beautiful in Arabic.

There has been an exhaustive investigation to trace her parents, but they have still not been found. The coroner, recording an open verdict at the end of the inquest into Alia’s death, reiterated the need to find her parents. Coroner Alan Walsh said: “It is important to try to find out what happened to baby Alia. I am disappointed that the parents of the child did not come forward. It saddens me a great deal that baby Alia lived for a matter of hours. She had an exceptionally short life. Sadly her beautiful short life came to a rapid end and it saddens me that she was not able to blossom into what I believe would have been a beautiful young lady.”

Alia's body was inside this carrier bag, with a plea for Islamic burial written on the bag

Alia’s body was inside this carrier bag, with a plea for Islamic burial written on the bag

Alia’s funeral was held in the Zakira Mosque in Bolton.

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