Baby Dies In 42C Caravan After Being Left Alone In Scorching Heat For HOURS

A 25-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter after leaving his 8-month-old son to die inside his Florida mobile home with no air condition, police have said. William Hendrickson’s son, William Hendrickson IV, passed away in the trailer on Thursday after local police and paramedics were unable to revive him.

Hendrickson’s 2-year-old daughter was hospitalised for severe dehydration. Investigators found the temperature in the bedroom to be 43C. He had previously been cautioned by local social services not to leave the children in the bedroom, but Hendrickson said he had “no where else to go” after his girlfriend and the children’s mother, Elizabeth Michelle Rutenbeck, was arrested the week for fighting with his mother.

Hendrickson faces charges of aggravated manslaughter in the death of his son and aggravated child neglect for the condition of his daughter, according to police. He had no prior arrests. He is also being held at Pinellas County Jail on £114,000 bail. Local police issued a reminder to Florida parents to make sure not to leave children, and the elderly, unattended in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.

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