Baby Boy Seriously Injured After Falling From Fourth Floor Window Of Block Of Flats

A baby boy has fallen from the window of the fourth floor of a block of flats. The 11-month-old has been left with a head injury after the incident at around 2.45pm today. Emergency services arrived at the scene within eight minutes.

The London Ambulance Service treated the child there before taking him to a south London hospital as a priority. He is understood to have a head injury. One witness said: “It all happened so quickly. I just watched the baby fall and it was heartbreaking knowing someone wouldn’t be there to catch him on time.”

A man who lives further up the road told the Croydon Advertiser: “I was walking into town when I saw all the ambulances and police cars parked up. I asked what had happened and they said a young kid was badly hurt but they couldn’t tell me more. Loads of people were standing about on the pavement, some of them crying and others on their phones.”

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