Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton In Emergency Hospital Dash

The pop star was left reeling after her “nightmare” experience.

Natasha described her experience as a "nightmare"

Natasha described her experience as a “nightmare”

Natasha Hamilton, the Atomic Kitten star, has recently given birth to a daughter Ella, her fourth child and first with Ritchie Neville.

However, what should be a time of joy and new baby bliss has been marred by an experience that every mum dreads.

Natasha’s little boy Alfie, who has recently started pre-school had an accident and had to be rushed to hospital.

32 year-old Natasha tweeted: “Absolute nightmare of a day! Poor Alfie in hospital after breaking arm & been juggling looking after him & feeding Ella in a&e all day!”

Clearly the stressful situation was taking an emotional toll on the mum-of-four, as she followed up with another tweet: “My emotions are all over the place, wanting to stay with him but not being able to as too many poorly kids for Ella to be around.”

Natasha with Alfie who is aged three

Natasha with Alfie who is aged three

However, Natasha’s loyal fans were quick to tweet their messages of support for the Kitten. One fellow mum summed it up with: “All that matters is that you were there for him Natasha. And, when he gets home, you’ll be there to give him the BIGGEST mum hug ever.”

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