Several people are confirmed dead and dozens were treated for injuries and stress after a passenger train crashed into a cargo train.ztrainThe accident happened in the Belgian town of Hermalle-sous-Huy near the city of Liege, badly damaging two of its cars.

Belgian authorities confirmed that three people were killed in the crash, while nine were brought to a hospital for treatment, some in critical condition. Another 27 passengers received help at the site and were later allowed to go home.

The death toll could rise further, the mayor of Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Francis Dejon, told Belga news agency early on Monday. The collision was extremely violent, the agency reported.

Emergency crews and police have been working at the site of the accident, which is between the cities of Liege and Namur. A witness described the scene as “chaos,” saying that the first two carriages of the passenger train had been reduced to wreckage. The first car is lying on its side at about a 20-degree angle, according to