At least ’20 children’ have been sent home from a Kent school this morning – a day after 60 schoolchildren were turned away for wearing the wrong uniform.headtPupil were left ‘stranded’ outside the gates of Hartsdown Academy in Margate yesterday after being told to go home under the new headmaster’s ‘Gestapo-like’ policy. And today, nearly two dozen others have already been turned away from the building by staff for returning in inappropriate clothing, it is reported.

It comes just 24 hours after police were called to the academy as furious parents protested against head Matthew Tate’s ‘ridiculous’ rules. One mum said that children were ‘in the road’, with cars ‘beeping and swerving’, as staff members refused to let students in the gates.

Outraged parents protested for two hours outside the building yesterday before police stepped in to try to diffuse tensions. Mr Tate, however, says he warned parents this would happen before the summer holidays.

“We want to be a school that they can be proud of sending their children to,” he said. “There is a minority of parents who are not happy with that and I understand it has inconvenienced some. A few have lost their temper. The parents who have been here protesting for two hours when they could have popped home and got things sorted.”