Apprentice Guru Nick Hewer SLAMS Katie Hopkins

Sir Alan Sugar’s right-hand man and shrewd business guru Nick Hewer has laid into Katie Hopkins, the former Apprentice contestant. He has also a few choice words to say about Apprentice winner Luisa Zissman.

Nick Hewer (left) has been sharing his opinion on Katie Hopkins

Nick Hewer (left) has been sharing his opinion on Katie Hopkins

Scathing could be one word for what Nick has to say about Hopkins, who was on the third series of the BBC’s Apprentice, but who has gone on to write a column for the Sun as well as having a notorious Twitter feed.

Nick was dismissive of Ms Hopkins, saying she had: “carved out a niche as a rent-a-right-wing-gob in the hope that by being nasty to everybody she’ll find enduring fame.”

And what of Luisa Zissman who was Apprentice runner-up in Series 9?

Nick gave her short shrift as well: “She’s actually a bright girl but decided to take her clothes off at the drop of a hat, and that’s something she’ll come to regret.”

And what does Nick think about this year’s Apprentice candidates? “I’m not saying they are necessarily the brightest business brains in Britain; the danger there would be that, first of all, those kind of people wouldn’t have the confidence to withstand the white-hot heat of this process, and secondly that nine million people might not actually understand them.’

The candidates are off to New York tonight for Lord Sugar’s latest challenge, BBC One, 9pm.

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