An Antiques Roadshow expert died after being restrained while suffering a severe panic attack just four weeks after giving birth to her first child, an inquest heard today. Sotheby’s jewellery expert Alice Gibson-Watt had been anxious up until the point where she began crawling on all fours and shouting that her daughter was dead.  She was suffering from a suspected bout of postpartum psychosis, which can cause hallucinations and paranoia, although neither she nor her husband knew about the condition.

West London Coroner’s Court heard the 34-year-old had suffered a ruptured liver and internal bleeding in November 2012, before she died in hospital.  In October she had given birth to to her first daughter Chiara Charlotte. Her husband told the inquest jury on November 13 his wife suffered what was described as a panic attack at home and began to crawl around her bed on all fours shouting her daughter was unsafe.

He tried to calm her but she made her way upstairs to their child’s bedroom, picked up her baby daughter and shook her, fearing her baby was dead.  An ambulance was called, and Alice was admitted to a mental health ward as a voluntary patient. She suffered a cardiac arrest and during urgent surgery a tear was found on her liver. She died in intensive care at Kings College Hospital. The inquest continues.