Another Hot Car Child Death – Dad Charged After Leaving 15 Month-Old In Car

A dad who left his 15 month-old son in the back of his car has been charged with his murder.

Ben Seitz: 15 month-old Ben died in a hot car

Ben Seitz: 15 month-old Ben died in a hot car

36 year-old Kyle Seitz says he forgot that he was going to take his son Ben to his nursery; instead he left him asleep on the back seat of the car and went to work.

During the day on 7th July the temperature climbed to 31 degrees C and the inside of the car was far hotter.

When Seitz realised his error, he rushed to his car; finding Ben unresponsive, Seitz rushed him to hospital, but he could be saved and was later pronounced dead.

A coroner has ruled that Ben died from “hyperthermia due to environmental exposure.” Seitz, who is from Ridgefield in Connecticut, has been charged with criminally negligent homicide and will face trial.

Ben’s mother, Lindsey Rodger Seitz, has moved away from Connecticut and taken the couples two daughters, aged six and eight, with her.

Mrs Seitz is now campaigning for changes to the motor industry to prevent future deaths. On her campaign blog,, she wrote: “I’ve shed more tears in the past 4 months than the better part of my entire life. I don’t have Ben physically anymore, but he is spiritually around me every day.”

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