ANOTHER Celeb To Quit The Jungle After Suffering Potentially Fatal Stroke?


Despite all contestants on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here undergoing thorough medicals prior to entering the jungle, one celebrity fears that serious health problems could kill her.

It has been revealed that Playboy bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, 32, is struggling with the extreme aspects of the show and has real concerns that the competition might kill her.

A source on the show, perhaps defending Kendra from criticism that she has been “faking” her Bush Tucker Trials terror, revealed: “Kendra knows the stress of the trials are putting her at serious risk of health ­problems.”

Kendra is clearly struggling with jungle challenges

Kendra is clearly struggling with jungle challenges

Kendra, who has two children, was involved in a “horror road smash” in California a year-and-a-half ago. The crash caused Kendra to suffer a stroke, without even knowing it and later scans revealed she had been lucky to survive.

After the accident, Kendra said: “It reminded me how fragile life really is and how important love really is. It was a spiritual moment. I definitely look at life differently now. I am just so thankful every day I wake up.”

Kendra has done five Bush Tucker Trials so far and is terrified number six could be her last if it trigger another stroke, a stroke which could, this time, be fatal.

The show’s source said: “Kendra knows the risk she is taking by doing the show. She is worried the worst could happen though. She has been struggling a lot more than viewers realise. The on-site medic has had to step in a number of times because she was all over the place. Kendra knows the stress of the trials are putting her at serious risk of health ­ problems. She’s petrified.”

A show source said Kendra is "petrified"

A show source said Kendra is “petrified”

In an attempt to prevent Kendra’s quitting, the production team have sought to protect her by blocking the public from voting for Kendra to do another trial. Instead, the campmates themselves will be forced to decide who performs the gruesome task.

The source confirmed: “The others have all felt sorry for Kendra because she’s had to do so many. They also desperately want to win food and know she’s unlikely to do well. Producers know by giving the celebs the power to choose it’s unlikely she’ll have to do the next one and is less likely to walk.”

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