A teenager battling anorexia wrote a series of heart-breaking ‘goodbye’ letters before she stepped out in front of a train. An inquest heard that Pippa ‘Pip’ McManus was released from a psychiatric hospital days before the tragic incident she died at Gatley railway station in December 2015.

The 15-year-old left letters to her family, doctor, dog and to the Priory Hospital, where she had been sectioned under the mental health act. It read: “I do want to grow up and have a life, at the moment I don’t have one. I can’t fight anorexia anymore. I have tried so very hard, but it has won me.” She had also talked about wishing she was dead, the court heard.

Pip, of Frances Avenue, had been due for discharge a month before her death, but it was postponed. She had bound her feet in tape for two weeks. A pencil sharpener blade had also been found hidden in a cuddly toy in her room. However, she was released under a community treatment order on December 4. Pip died five days later died at Gatley train station having run out of her family’s home following an argument over her gym use.