Acrobat Plunges 100ft To At Green Day Concert As 35,000 People Watch

An acrobat has died after plunging 100ft to his death in front of 35,000 people at a music festival. The horrific accident happened just moments before headliners Green Day were due to come on stage – and organisers chose to continue with the performance.

The acrobat was performing a stunt in a small cage above the crowd accompanied by the Prince song ‘Purple Rain’ when tragedy struck It is believed he was secured with a harness around the waist but it snapped and he plunged “like lead” around 30 metres to the ground, witnesses said. A tweet from the band’s official account later implied they did not know what had happened before they began playing.The victim was named as 42-year-old Pedro Aunion Monroy.

However, some of those attending were disgusted with the decision and chose to walk out. Javier Erquiaga tweeted Green Day and the Mad Cool festival accounts saying: “ashamed of you. An artist died just 20 meters from you and you still play. Worst band on the planet” Another festivalgoer added: “Im leaving the madcool after an acrobat died mid show, and noone in the organization said anything. GreenDay shouldn’t be playing right now”

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