23-Year-Old Woman Dies Just DAYS After Doctor Told Her To “Take A Spa Day”

A doctor is set to face a misconduct hearing after advising a patient who died from a blood clot linked to the pill to go on a “spa weekend”. Charlotte Foster, 23, died due to side effects linked to the contraceptive in January 2016, just three weeks after she visited her GP.  Dr Sunil Simon was referred to the General Medical Council (GMC) by the coroner following an inquest into Charlotte’s death last summer.

Charlotte was initially prescribed with Dianette as a form of contraception, and to help with acne.  The 23-year-old went into cardiac arrest at work due to side effects related to taking the pill, and died just three days later at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford on 25 January after suffering brain damage following her collapse. Her death came a mere three weeks after she visited Dr Simon over shortness of breath and leg pain.

He insisted the pain she was dealing with was “muscular in origin”, recommending she “get a massage” or take a spa day. However, the inquest revealed Charlotte had undergone tests which proved she would be at high risk of having a blood clot if prescribed a drug such as Dianette.

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