Once they were the best of friends, saving for holidays and helping each other out. Once, £250 here and there was the difference between sinking and swimming for the likes of Kym Mills and her fellow traders Adrian and Gillian Bayford. Until 2012, that is – when the Bayfords scooped £148million on the Euromillions.1loonKym, 54, met the Bayfords in 2009 as her clothing shop was next door to the second-hand record store Adrian, 46, ran in Haverhill, near Cambridge. As Kym’s business grew she moved out to find bigger premises, but her fortunes later changed and she ended up closing. She was still in touch with the Bayfords when their lives changed forever in 2012 when they won £148million on the Euromillions.

Gillian said at the time the money was “something to share with people that need help, people that have helped us and supported us”. And she was good to her word – offering Kym a £500-a-month home in an outbuilding on their estate. A cleaning job was thrown in, which helped Kym as she is limited to 16 hours’ work a week due to a painful spine condition and epilepsy.

But just 15 months after the Lotto win Adrian and Gillian’s marriage fell apart.  She moved to Scotland, while Adrian agreed to continue employing Kym and honour the tenancy agreement.  However, In June, a letter told Kym the rent would rise from £500 to £750 a month.

Kym was earning £8 an hour as Adrian’s cleaner and could not afford the new rate and has now moved out after an eviction notice was served.  Kym said: “I’m just hurt – they were my best friends. And at the end of the day they’ve got it all and I’ve lost everything. I wish none of this had ever happened.”