10 People In Hospital After Plane “Falls Through The Sky” In Extreme Turbulence

Shocking footage shows a plane cabin wrecked by “severe turbulence” which injured 10 passengers and sent drinks flying through the air. The American Airlines flight from Athens, Greece to Philadelphia, US, was rocked by the terrifying incident on Saturday which witnesses claimed dislocated the shoulder of a crew member.

The ceiling of the aircraft became splattered with hot and cold drinks and children were heard screaming in horror. A total of 10 people – three passengers and seven staff members – were rushed to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The turbulence struck while the cabin crew were serving drinks causing the refreshments to hurtle through the air and staff members to reportedly crash against the ceiling. Journalist Jessica Huseman was on the troubled flight and tweeted about the horrifying experience. She wrote: “No warning at all. Plane lurched thru the air. Honestly, terrifying. Turbulence on flight was so insane and unexpected a flight attendant dislocated his shoulder.”

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