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Boy, Four, Dies After Being Crushed To Death In Horrifying Holiday Tragedy

A boy of four from Manchester has died after being crushed by an iron gate while on holiday visiting family in Italy. Little Angelo Quirino, from Crumpsall, was visiting family near Rome when the tragedy happened on Saturday afternoon.

His uncle and some neighbours are said to have gone to help when they heard screams but found the youngster unconscious. The incident happened at a property the family had hired in the coastal district of Anzio, about 40 miles south of Rome, some three days into the family trip to visit Italian relatives.

An air ambulance was scrambled to the scene and medics are said to have attempted to resuscitate the youngster for more than 45 minutes. The boy, who was due to start school in north Manchester next month, reportedly suffered injuries to his head and collarbone. An investigation is under way into how the 200kg (450lb) sliding iron gate toppled onto the child as he played football with his older brother.

Boy Who Woke Feeling Poorly Dies After Putting His Head Down On Breakfast Table

Schoolboy who woke up feeling unwell died suddenly after going down to the breakfast table where he put down his head to rest. The cause behind the sudden death of a 12-year-old boy, who was previously diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition, remains unknown.   In a statement to the court, Matthew’s father described the day of his death.

He said: “At 5am I was woken by Matthew who said who said he didn’t feel well … At around 6am I gave Matthew a bowl of Shreddies because he needed food before he took his medication and I sat opposite to supervise him. He had one spoonful of Shreddies and tried to take his tablets. He then put his head on the dining room table. In five minutes I told Matthew’s brother to give him a nudge but his brother said he didn’t look right and his lips were blue.

“He wasn’t breathing. I phoned an ambulance and did chest compressions but he didn’t respond and he didn’t breathe. He was immediately taken to the Royal Glamorgan Hospital but shortly after arriving there I was told nothing more could be done for him and he was gone. It has left us all very shocked and upset, we knew about his condition but we never considered this would happen to him. We miss him every day.”

Teens Killed Dad By Throwing Boat’s DISTRESS FLARE Into His Car As He Slept

Two teens have been found guilty of killing a dad who died when a marine distress flare was tossed into his parked car. Car wash boss Vilson Meshi, 31, was asleep on the backseat and was overcome by fumes which filled his Audi in a 1,300C blaze. The dad-of-three, from Manchester, was sleeping in his car overnight outside his former partner’s home in Basildon, Essex, so he could see his children the following day.

Keani Hobbs, 18, and a 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were convicted of manslaughter today after a jury heard they did not deliberately intend to kill him with the stolen flare, as well as being convicted of the theft of marine flares. Chelmsford Crown Court heard that Mr Melshi died of smoke inhalation in a 1,300C blaze after the flare was thrown into his car.

Paul Scothern, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “A marine distress flare burns at an incredibly high temperature and the consequence of throwing a lit flare into an enclosed space such as the car where Mr Meshi was asleep was shocking; tragically he died as a result.”

Sadness As Cheers Star Dies After Battle With Cancer

Cheers star Jay Thomas has died at the age of 69, it was announced today. The actor, who played Carla’s husband Eddie LeBec in the hit sitcom, lost his battle with cancer. His agent said: “Jay was one of a kind, never at a loss for words and filled with so much fun and wonderfully wacky thoughts and behavior.”

He also starred as Remo DaVinci on Mork & Mindy and Jerry Gold on Murphy Brown. He is survived by his wife Sally and sons Sam, Max and TJ, who were by his side when he passed away. Jay’s most notable roles came as Remo DaVinci in Mork & Mindy, from 1979 to 1981, and as Eddie LeBec in Cheers, from 1987 to 1989, but he had an illustrious career.

The actor also portrayed lead character Jack Stein on Love & War and was a repeat guest on Murphy Brown, on which he played Jerry Gold. That role saw him in the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in 1990, and again in 1991. Younger fans may recognise him from his role as the Easter Bunny in The Santa Clause 2 and the Santa Clause 3.

BREAKING: Rock Concert Evacuated By Police In Bullet Proof Vests After Terror Threat

An American rock band named after Allah had a gig in Rotterdam cancelled by police after they received information about a potential terrorist threat. Allah-Las, from California, were due to play there tonight before police wearing bullet proof vests arrived at the building, which has a total capacity of 1,000.

In a statement, Rotterdam’s mayor said a small Renault van with a Spanish registration plate was found close to the scene, along with several gas bottles. The driver of the van was stopped and taken into custody by officers for questioning. It is not clear if the van and the terror threat are connected.

Officers evacuated the Maassilo in the Netherlands city, an exhibition centre located on the Maas river, after receiving the tip off from Spanish police. The band has faced security concerns in the past over their name, and once had a concert in Turkey cancelled because a local promoter did not feel comfortable with their moniker.

Schoolgirl, 13, “Hanged Herself In Her Bedroom Hours After Argument With Mum”

A schoolgirl hanged herself in her bedroom hours after an argument with her mum during the half-term holidays, an inquest heard. Chloe Morris, 13, had a minor row with her mother Alison Alford while spending time away from school.

She went up to her room and was later found by her stepdad Anthony Morris, the inquest was told. Her mum managed to cut Chloe down and Mr Morris performed CPR until paramedics arrived but sadly they were unable to save the girl, who died on May 30.

Chloe, a “beautiful wonderful friend”, was a Year eight pupil who was keen on cookery and had a good sense of humour.  A report written by Dr Saras Hosdurga said she had a minor argument with her mum that afternoon. Detective Sergeant Matthew Brain said the teenager’s motivation to kill herself was “unclear”. Senior coroner for Avon Maria Voisin said: “Chloe died as a consequence of her own actions but her intentions are unknown.”

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle “Are ENGAGED” – And Set To Go Public On THIS DATE

Prince Harry has popped the question to Meghan Markle and will announce his engagement in December, a former royal chef has claimed. Rumours Harry, 32, has got down on one knee are swirling after he enjoyed a romantic getaway with his girlfriend. Friends of the Prince claim he asked the US actress to be his wife during a camping trip in the Botswana bush.

There has been no official confirmation of their engagement from the couple or Kensington Palace, but Darren McGrady, former chef to Princess Diana, predicts that the pair will announce their engagement in December. Speaking to Hello! Online, he said: “I really do think they would have been engaged by now. But with Princess Diana’s 20th anniversary this month in August, they can’t trump that.

“And then November is the Queen and Prince Philip’s platinum wedding anniversary so they can’t trump that either, whereas December they can announce the engagement and they’d be free to marry next year; I think that’s what’s going to happen. Meghan can join the royals at Sandringham at Christmas because she’ll be engaged and part of the fold.”

BREAKING: Terror Alert At Stansted Airport – Thousands Evacuated After Bomb Scare

Stansted Airport was evacuated after a bag was found unattended, leaving thousands of passengers stranded outside. Thousands of passengers were said to be stranded after being evacuated from London Stansted Airport by security guards over fears of a “suspect package”.

Many took to Twitter in confusion over the evacuation.  Charlie Neill was stood outside the airport with thousands of other confused passengers: “We still don’t know a lot of information. All we know really is that security were investigating a suspect package. An announcement came over the tannoy and everyone had to leave. We’re all just waiting outside now, I’d say there are at least 2,000 people standing in the drop off lane and in the road outside, near to the car park.”

Essex Police said officers were sent to the airport amid the scare. “Officers were called to Stansted Airport today with reports of an unattended bag in the terminal. The item was found not to be suspicious,” Essex Police said.

Cyclist Who Killed Mum-Of-Two Convicted Of “Wanton & Furious Driving” On Illegal Bike

A cyclist has been cleared the manslaughter of a mum-of-two who died after he crashed into her on a bike without a front brake. But Charlie Alliston could still face time behind bars after a judge said he failed to show “one iota of remorse” following the death of Kim Briggs. Prosecutors say the collision could have been avoided had a front brake been fitted to the Planet X fixed wheel track bike, a legal requirement Alliston claims he was not aware of.

The 44-year-old HR consultant was on her lunch break when she suffered “catastrophic” injuries as she crossed Old Street, east London, on February 12 last year. She died in hospital a week later. Alliston, who was 18 years old at the time, was today cleared of manslaughter but found guilty of “wanton and furious driving” in the groundbreaking case. He denied both charges.

Warning Alliston she was considering jail, Judge Wendy Joseph QC said: “I have not seen one iota of remorse from Mr Alliston at all at any stage.” Alliston said he shouted twice after spotting Mrs Briggs, slowed down as he approached and manoeuvred his bike to avoid her before she “stepped back”. He later wrote on a cycling forum that he had twice warned Mrs Briggs to “get the f*** outta my way,” and denied he was at fault, the court heard.

EastEnders Star Set For Shock Return – And Fans ARE NOT Happy

Bobby Beale is set to make a shock return to EastEnders a year after cutting contact with his parents. The child killer is currently serving a prison sentence for murdering his sister Lucy by clobbering her over the head with a music box. The death sparked a major whodunit storyline, with Max Branning falsely serving time for the murder before the truth finally came to light that it was Bobby.

The devil child also attacked step-mum Jane, leaving her in a wheelchair, and after receiving his sentences for both crimes, Bobby cut contact with her and dad Ian last year, but in an upcoming episode, Bobby issues the couple with another huge shock when he adds them to his call list for the first time in 12 months.

What will Bobby have to say? And could it pave the way for a full return to Albert Square? The timing isn’t exactly great for the Beales, as Ian discovers eldest child Steven has a ‘brain tumour’. While viewers know Steven is lying, a devastated Ian tells Jane he can’t lose another child after the death of Lucy.  Fans are already worried that the Beales have had more than their fair share of troubles.