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Police Searching For “Kidnapped” Girl, 9, Who Disappeared From Wedding Make Arrest

A man has been arrested by police investigating the mysterious disappearance of a nine-year-old schoolgirl from a wedding in the French Alps. Maelys de Araujo has not been seen since around 3am on Sunday when her parents and sister, 12, reported her missing from the family celebration. Dogs smelled a blanket used by Maelys last week but could only pick up her scent as far as the car park of the hall where the wedding party took place, raising fears she was put in a car and driven away.

Today detectives said they’d arrested a man in his 20s who “was not at the wedding party,” but had been scene in the area. “He was spoken to at length on Monday, but there were a lot of inconsistencies in his story,” said an investigating source. ‘He has now been placed in custody for further questioning,’ said the source, who added that the man had not been identified.

Extensive searches are taking place throughout the town, and also in surrounding woodland. Despite the hunt and arrest, no trace has been found of Maelys, who was dressed in a white party dress and was playing with other children in her bare feet before she went missing. So far, the only trace found is a hair clip and a balloon officers found in the forest.

Coronation Street Bosses To Kill Off Soap Legend In Brain Tumour Tragedy

Coronation Street bosses are to shock millions of fans by killing off show legend Rita Tanner. Rita, played by Barbara Knox, made her Street debut in 1964, but she is set to be diagnosed with a brain tumour. And she will reject emergency surgery to remove the growth, fearing she might wake up to a life that she no longer remembers.

Soap sources said it would end in tragedy for Rita, who has recently been experiencing strange symptoms, such as bouts of forgetfulness. One said: “It has been suggested she might have dementia, but she does not. In fact, she will be diagnosed with a tumour and her doctors will say there is a serious risk she will die if they don’t remove it. But Rita is terrified that she could not know who she is, or recognise her friends. All the indications are that this will end tragically.”

Rita’s diagnosis is expected to be revealed in October. Actress Barbara, 83, made a one-off appearance as Rita in 1964 before being made a regular character in 1972. One of Rita’s most famous storylines saw her escape from her abusive partner Alan Bradley as he was knocked down by a Blackpool tram in 1989.

BREAKING: Panic As Plane Veers Off Runway At East Midlands Airport – Travel Chaos

A Boeing 737 plane has come off the runway at East Midlands Airport sparking travel chaos. The plane suffered a runway excursion, meaning it veered off or overran the runway when landing.

The aircraft, a West Air Boeing 737, is reported to be stuck on the grass verge at the side of the runway. The runway has been closed until further notice.

All flights are being diverted to Manchester or Birmingham Airport. Flight tracker AirLive tweeted: “Runway closed at East Midlands Airport (UK) after runway excursion.”

BREAKING: 3 Police Officers Shot After Chase – Conditions Unknown

Three police officers have been shot, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. Three suspects, two women and a man, were detained after a chase.

Residents were ordered to shelter in place, following the shooting.

Various roads have been closed and cordons are in place. More follows…

BREAKING: EasyJet Flight To London Gatwick Declares EMERGENCY In Mid-Air

An EasyJet flight heading to London Gatwick from Barcelona has declared a mid-air emergency. Flight U28578 is said to be “turning back while descending very fast” over Europe, according to reports.

It was due to land at London Gatwick this evening but has been diverted due to a general emergency. The plane is now scheduled to land at Nantes airport in France.

More follows…

Storm Harvey Causes Tragedy As Family Of Six Die In Flooded Van

Police say they have recovered the bodies of six family members whose van was swept off a Houston bridge during Storm Harvey.  The van was carrying the Saldivar family when it was overtaken by violent flood waters near Greens Bayou in Houston on Sunday.

Driver Samuel Saldivar escaped through a window but was unable to rescue the other six passengers – his parents Belia Saldivar, 81, and Manuel, 84, along with their great-grandchildren Devy, 16, Dominic, 14, Xavier, 8, and Daisy, 6.  He survived by clinging onto a tree and was rescued by officers who were alerted to his shouts.

After floodwaters in the area receded, the van was spotted by family members and recovered by police. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said: “The family is devastated, we all are as well. Our worst fears have been realised.”

Emergency Evacuation At London’s Euston Station – Commuters Flee In Panic

Passengers fled from Euston station after an e-cigarette “explosion” led to a security scare. British Transport Police said they evacuated the station following reports that smoke was seen coming from a bag.

A statement from BTP said: “We are investigating but there appears to have been a small contained explosion which is believed to have been caused by an e-cigarette which was in a bag at the station. No one is believed to have been injured.”

BTP said it was evacuating the station to allow officers and dogs to search the area and make sure it was safe. Numerous police vehicles rushed to the area as people quickly left the concourse, some abandoning bags. Many people in the station at the time reported “panic” as people feared the threat of another terror atrocity in a city that has suffered attacks on Westminster Bridge and Borough Market in the last few months.

Prince George Starts School Next Week – William And Kate To Attend Class With Son

Prince George will be dropped off for his first day at school by his mum and dad, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kensington Palace has confirmed. The future king, aged four, will attend his first day at Thomas’s Battersea in London alongside his parents next Thursday.

A review describes the £17,604-a-year school as “big, busy” and “slightly chaotic” that offers the “the best English education money can buy”. The school has 560 boys and girls aged from four to 13, with around 20 in each class. Kate and William will be met by the headmistress of the school when they drop George off on his first day.

George, who has been enrolled in one of three reception classes, will be exposed to a “range of different cultures” and “19 different foreign languages”. The school is so oversubscribed, parents register their children at birth.

Three Children “Find A Human Head” While Playing Out

A road has been sealed off after children reportedly found a human head. Parents of three boys reported the grim discovery last night. Police have closed off an area in north Belfast while they conduct searches near Springmartin Road.

“Three young boys came down the hill and then one of them ran back and there was a bit of commotion and they were all talking and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but as they got closer I heard them say, I thought it was, “it’s definitely dead, I can see the eyes”, but now I’m thinking it was, “it’s definitely a head” and I heard it wrong,” a local resident told Belfast Live.

“And the smaller one was kneeling down and he was showing the other two, then they got into a bit of a panic and they were talking about the eyes were grey, something to do with the eyes, and then the next minute the bus was coming up and they all ran over and jumped on the bus.”

Fears Missing Girl, 9, “Bundled Into Car By Kidnappers” While Playing Hide-And-Seek

A nine-year-old girl who has gone missing at a wedding may have been bundled into a car by kidnappers, police fear. Maelys De Araujo was last seen around 3am local time in the early hours of Sunday at the village hall in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Isere, in south east France.

And now 48 hours after her disappearance, police have launched a formal kidnapping investigation. Officers fear a criminal act because sniffer dogs found Maelys’s scent in the hall and out into the car park – but it ended there.

It raises the chilling possibility that the girl was taken into a vehicle and driven off by kidnappers. When she first disappeared a guest said people assumed she had fallen asleep while playing hide-and-seek. Maelys was at the wedding along with her parents, older sister, and other relatives. Police have been scouring the area with helicopters and dogs in a desperate search for her and officers and firefighters have been searching the sewers, the nearby river, and through the bushes.