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BREAKING: Over 300 Tourists Trapped After Mudslide

Around 300 tourists, including more than 100 foreigners, are trapped in the mountainous Elbrus area of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in the Russian Caucasus following a mudslide.

Russian emergency services are preparing to evacuate the tourists.

Video footage posted on Twitter shows powerful flows of water which have apparently washed out the road. Three cars carrying people fell into the river, while two people were saved and the emergency services continue to look for three others who are missing.

BREAKING: Wayne Rooney Arrested For Drink Driving

England footballing legend Wayne Rooney has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving, according to Sky News.

The 31-year-old Everton striker was stopped by police in Cheshire on Thursday night.  A picture was posted on Instagram the same evening, showing Rooney and a fellow customer, tagged at the Bubble Room bar in Alderley Edge.

It was uploaded just after 10pm on Thursday, but deleted as reports of Rooney’s arrest surfaced after 11am on Friday, according to Sky.  More follows…

Spider Horror: Terrified Woman Discovers HUGE Arachnid & Its BABIES In Bedroom

A woman who was spring-cleaning has revealed her horror after confusing a huge family of spiders for a ball of dust in her bedroom. Posting pictures of the eight-legged beasts on Twitter, the woman called Lydia made the horrifying discovery at her home in Yorkshire.

The images show a massive spider dangling from the ceiling surrounded by dozens of tiny babies. Writing under the pictures, the 19-year-old, who describes herself as a make-up and special effects student, said she hadn’t noticed the spider before because that corner of her room is hidden behind shelves. The images soon garnered thousands of retweets by shocked internet users after they were posted two days ago.

One person commented: “My heart actually stopped beating when I saw this.” Another person quipped: “She better be paying rent with all them kids”. The spider is most likely one of the “sex-mad” arachnids scientists have warned will invade UK homes. Surrey and Liverpool residents have reported a huge influx of huge spiders invading their homes. And some are so big they have even been triggering burglar alarms as they creep around people’s houses.

Horror As Police Officer Stabbed In The Neck In Busy Square

A Swedish police officer has been stabbed in the neck in a busy square in Stockholm. Officials have said it was an unprovoked attack at Medborgarplatsen Square and that the knifeman has been arrested for attempted murder.

The attacker is said to have crept up behind the police officer before delivering a blow to the neck at around 10.30am this morning. Police immediately locked down the area and witnesses described a man aged around 30 being dragged away.

A witness told Aftonbladet: ‘I got up from the subway when the police dragged a man, he appeared to be at the age of 30.’ The injured policeman was rushed to Karolinska Hospital but the extent of his injuries are unknown at the moment.

Spanish Shark Attack: Predator Savages Girl At Popular Holiday Beach Resort

A young girl has been left with horrific injuries after a suspected shark attack at a Spanish resort that is hugely popular with British tourists. The 11-year-old victim was reportedly swimming in shallow water off the Grao de Moncofa beach, which is near the resort of Benicassim and two hours from Benidorm, when she was mauled.

Lifeguards are said to have desperately tried to stem the flow of blood after her dad rescued her from the water on Saturday. She was rushed to a nearby hospital after the attack with serious injuries to her foot. Local media said the company that provides lifeguards for the area has refused to confirm whether it was a wound caused by a shark, but said they had “never seen anything like it”.

It is thought the animal that bit her could be a type of blue shark measuring between 60 and 70cm. Holidaymakers were told to steer clear of the beach over the weekend but a full-scale evacuation was not carried out because nobody actually saw the animal in the water.

BREAKING: Knifeman In Westminster – Police Swoop

A knifeman has been arrested outside Westminster Cathedral. Police raced to the scene after searching a man acting suspiciously near the London tourist hotspot. It comes days after a man was arrested with a knife outside Buckingham Palace.

Officers said the man was found in possession of a large knife, near the cathedral in Francis Street.  A spokesman for Met Police said: “At approximately 11.45am on Thursday August 31, officers on routine patrol in the Victoria Street area of Westminster attempted to speak with a man who was seen acting suspiciously in an area known for anti-social behaviour.

“The man was found in possession of a large knife. He was arrested and taken to a central London police station where he remains in custody. Enquiries continue.”

BREAKING: Play Suspended At Oval After Crossbow Fired At Pitch

A cricket match at The Oval has been suspended after a crossbow bolt appeared to be fired into the middle of the pitch.  Fans were evacuated from stands in the central London cricket ground and armed police are on scene.

Players were ordered off the pitch after the arrow was spotted by an umpire during the match between Surrey and Middlesex.

Fans were urged to “take cover”, but there were no reported injuries and police said it is believed the projectile came from outside the ground.

Bomb Squad Swoops Following Reports Of “Suspicious Package”

Police have rushed to an Edinburgh street after a “suspicious item” was reported to have been seen. Bomb squad officers arrived to a property near the Sighthill Bowling Club in Wester Hailes in south west Edinburgh.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police were called to a disused property in Sighthill Loan at around 7.45pm on Wednesday after a few suspicious items were found. A cordon was put in place while officers removed the items.”

The scare comes two days after Euston station was evacuated after commuters spotted smoke coming from a bag on the concourse. But the vapour turned out to have come from an e-cigarette and the station re-opened shortly afterwards.

Princess Diana’s Last Words Revealed By Heartbroken Firefighter Who Tried To Save Her Life

The hero firefighter who gave Princess Diana CPR as she lay dying has told how he thought he’d saved her life. Xavier Gourmelon, 50, was covering the weekend shift at the fire station when he was called out to a Mercedes limo that had crashed in a Paris tunnel. Speaking for the first time since the crash, he said he had not known he was treating the famous Princess.

He treated the scene like “any other” traffic accident and didn’t realise the pretty blonde woman in the back was Diana. Mr Gourmelon, who worked as firefighter for 22 years, said Diana did not appear to be seriously injured when he first reached her. “I held her hand and told her to be calm and keep still, I said I was there to help and reassured her,” said Mr Gourmelon. “She said, ‘My God, what’s happened?’ I gave her some oxygen and my team and I stayed by her side as she was taken out of the car.”

But Mr Gourmelon said after he performed heart massage and CPR, the princess appeared to revive and was breathing when she was put into an ambulance. “To be honest I thought she would live,” he added. It was after Diana was removed from the wreckage that she suffered a cardiac arrest as she lay on a stretcher. An inquest later heard she had suffered serious internal injuries including a ruptured blood vessel near her heart.

Desperate Search For Two Missing Schoolgirls, 15, Who Vanished After Notting Hill Carnival

Police have launched an urgent hunt for two missing 15-year-old schoolgirls who disappeared after going to the Notting Hill Carnival. Friends Taneesha Deocampo and Yasmina Atir travelled to London together on Monday but have not been seen since, police said.

Yasmina, who is from Lancing, West Sussex, was reported missing on Monday, August 28 and her friend Taneesha was last seen at a family friend’s house in Brighton on Sunday morning. Sussex Police officers believe that the girls are currently in Brighton, but say they have not been seen for five days.

Police said: “Yasmina has a tanned complexion with dark brown curly hair and often wears glasses. She was last seen wearing a pink sleeveless top, white jeans and black shoes. Taneesha is of Asian appearance, 5ft 6in, of medium build and very long straight black hair. She was last seen wearing black leggings, a pale pink jumper and carrying a large white handbag.”